Predictive Network Analytics

Proactively avert 95% of potential issues

Predictive Network Analytics

Meet rising user expectations with improved performance by diagnosing 95% of IT infrastructure issues before they impact your network health

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Identify and resolve issues before they impact operational performance

Virtela applies automation and predictive analytics technology to our IT infrastructure management services, accelerating the identification and resolution of enterprise IT infrastructure issues before they impact your operational performance. Achieve a 5x reduction in downtime and cut operating costs by an average of 30% while eliminating the need for multiple management tools and the expertise to support them.

Backed by iron-clad service guarantee

Moreover, Virtela offers the industry’s only service guarantee covering the actual time to repair each device or service, rather than an average across them, resulting in much more meaningful measure of your true operational performance.

Single source for your IT infrastructure

Virtela is a single source for design, implementation and management of a wide array of multivendor IT infrastructure – including WAN, LAN, IP telephony, application acceleration and security devices – wherever it resides: headquarters, branch offices, virtualized data centers and private/public clouds.

Why Virtela:

Virtela is the smart alternative to traditional carriers and equipment vendors for enterprise networking and virtualized IT service needs.

  • More than 500 global enterprises are already experiencing the benefits of Virtela ESC’s built-in network virtualization; developed using Virtela’s advanced software-defined network (SDN) technologies that free you from the need to deploy IT infrastructure at each branch office.
  • Not ready for the cloud? Virtela enables a seamless migration path by supporting on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions within one unified global service.

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With Virtela cloud-based application acceleration, we’ve experienced significant reductions in our application response times and have been able to postpone planned bandwidth increases in many cases, which have led to higher productivity and a higher return on investment.

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